Timing Belt Inspection or Replacement

Timing belts are vital to your vehicle’s engine. Failing to replace a damaged timing belt can result in severe engine damage. Timing belts will often make a high pitched squeal, heard from the front of your car or you may notice that your car does not start as it normally should. If you are concerned that your timing belt may be in need of replacement we will first inspect and if necessary can also replace your timing belt.

Engine System Flush

Engine flushes can help to remove deposit build up, keep your new oil clean, clean what the filter may miss and keep your parts clean. Our engine flush will get rid of the gunk and keep your running smoothly.

Brake Fluid Change

Most manufacturers have recommended intervals for changing your brake fluid but there are other signs to look for that may indicate you need a service. Spongy feels brakes, increased braking distance, the brake pedal reaches the floor or needs excessive pressure are all indicators of potentially needing to change your brake fluid.

Differential Fluid Change

You can keep your car healthy by changing the differential fluid at regular intervals. As with many other services, our team will inspect your vehicle to first determine the problem and replace your differential fluid if required.

Power Steering Fluid Change

All fluids breakdown overtime and can become laden with grit and debris. Changing our your power steering fluid will remove any built up deposits and ensure your power steering can function at optimal levels.

Transmission Fluid and Filter

Replacing your transmission fluid increase lubrication and helps to extend the life of your transmission. And just like you wouldn’t dry a clean car with an oily cloth, it is always a good idea to replace your filter as well. A dirty filter won’t do you much good in keeping your new fluid clean.