15-Point Oil Change Service

The most basic and most common of all preventative maintenance is the oil change. We offer five options to choose from.

Battery Installation

Just like anything else that uses batteries, eventually they need to be replaced. More subtle signs that you battery is in need of replacement include a weaker than normal horn sound, dim headlights and your engine cranks more slowly. Our technicians will help you install a new battery quickly and efficiently

Filter Replacement

Replace‎ the air filter in your vehicle.

Check Engine Light Service

The Check Engine Light can indicate any number of problems with your engine, rather than making random guesses as to what is wrong with your vehicle our technicians can easily diagnose the problem and set a repair plan of action in place specific to your needs.

Scheduled Maintenance

Your scheduled maintenance program may vary, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, but these are the generally suggested intervals for vehicle maintenance.  The following intervals are a general guideline for scheduled maintenance. However, our qualified technicians will adhere to your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance plan for your mileage intervals.

  • 20,000 km Maintenance
  • 50,000 km Maintenance
  • 70,000 km Maintenance
  • 100,000 km Maintenance