In some instances, pricing may vary by make and model of the vehicle. Please see a specialist for more information on specific pricing.

AC and Heating System

Keep your car at just the right temperature for you by ensuring your air conditioning and heating has regular maintenance. Should you find your AC can’t keep up or your don’t get any warm air through your vents we can help to diagnose and solve the problem.

Brake Services

Brakes are absolutely vital to the safety of your vehicle. Over time the components of your brake system begin to wear down and need replacement. We are happy to assist with everything brake related including: pad replacement, calipers and rotors, drum brakes and disc brakes and more.

Diagnosis and Evaluation Services

Whether it’s a strange clicking noise, a poorly performing part or something just doesn’t seem quite right, our highly trained technicians will help to diagnose the problem. We offer a full range of diagnostic and evaluation services to ensure any problem, big or small, can be found and dealt with.

Axle / CV Joint Repair (FWD)

Loud clicking noises when turning, grease on your tires and vibration when driving are all signs that it is time to have your axle/CV shaft assembly may need repair.

Radiator Repair/Replacement

In its most basic sense, your radiator is responsible for keeping your engine cool. Regular inspections to ensure there are no cracks or damage will help to prevent other repairs.

Automatic/Manual Transmission Repair

The transmission is easily the most complex part of your vehicle and without proper maintenance you may need major repairs. Our service technicians can help with general maintenance and complex repairs.

Clutch Repair Service

The life of your clutch can depend heavily on how your vehicle is driven. Some wear out very quickly whiles other will outlast your entire car. If you notice your clutch begins to slip and you can no longer shift smoothly between gears it is a good time to have your clutch assessed.

Four Wheel Drive Systems

Four wheel drive systems offer another level of complexity in regards to repairs and servicing. Our team is qualified to do a full diagnostic and address any repairs needed.